KDgospel Mag, Radio & TV

KDgospel is the Christian industry authority. Quickly becoming the best and most divers in media coverage in the world. Each issue features stories, interviews, and notes from incredible everyday people as well as Christian leaders who have prevailed over incredible circumstances. Entrepreneurs, artists, and health & wealth advisors such leaders in their field lend their knowledge to ensure that each issue of KDgospel maintains the right amount of balance to reach its goal.

KDgospel Magazine was founded in 2009 as a quarterly publication by Deanne Williams. KDgospel launched its first issue in Hartford, CT but would soon expand its home base to Scottsdale, AZ and would instantly gain subscribers and online readers in five states. In 2014 KDgospel Magazine was placed on hiatus Due to unforeseen family difficulties Deanne would place In 2014 KDgospel Magazine was placed on hiatus while spending time fasting and praying to God about what would be next. God would answer “start KDgospel Radio.” In 2016 KDgospel Radio would conduct it’s first on air interview, and our guest would be gospel artist JJ Harrison. KDgospel Radio would go on to interview such A-list artist as Nichole C. Mullen, Jacqueline Karr, JMoss and many more. Starting KDgospel Radio would turn out to be a critically smart move in keeping the face of KDgospel Magazine alive. In 2019 the KDgospel Magazine family would grow when KDgospel TV aired for the first time on Hartford Public Access TV in Hartford, CT.

As founder and Editor & Chief I’d like to encourage all our readers, listener and viewers to move forward in your journey, and to dig deeper as you move on. Love, Perfect Peace& Blessings!